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Find answers to the most common Cake Bash questions below.

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How much does Cake Bash retail for?

The Cake Bash suggested retail price (SRP) is $19.99USD. Prices may vary depending on region and platform.

What is the maximum number of players?

Cake Bash supports a maximum of 4 players per game session

Does Cake Bash support Online multiplayer?

YES! Cake Bash supports full online multiplayer for up to four players.

Does Cake Bash have cross play?

Cake Bash now supports Cross Play between Steam and Stadia via matchcaking. Cross play is not intended for other platforms.

How do I play Get Tasty online with my friends?

It’s slightly different depending on which platform you’re playing on – but the basics are below:

  • From the main menu, select ‘Get Tasty’. Then select Online.
  • Once in ‘Pick-a-Cake’ you, and any other local players, need to choose your Cake and Flavour!
  • After all local players are ready, press the button indicated to start.
  • You will then be presented with 2 options. Select Host Friends Lobby. After a couple of moments, the lobby will be setup and you can invite your friends online.
  • When they accept, they will pop up on the plates in your lobby.
  • Once everyone is ready – the player who set up the friend’s lobby will need to press the button indicated to start once more.
  • Finally, you and your friends can choose whether to matchcake with other players online, add bots or start the game with just the players in the lobby. Happy Cake Bashing!
I’m Player 2/3/4 and I didn’t receive an achievement on PlayStation 4 / Xbox One!

The game is designed to unlock achievements for the account that launched the game regardless of which local player performs the achievement unlocking action. This was a design decision based on the variety of achievements we have and ensuring compatibility across local and online multiplayer.

Are you going to add more playable cakes?

We have a few sweet ideas for new characters but no plans to add them in just yet. Please let us know if you have any of your own!

Will Cake Bash be compatible with XBOX Series X|S and PS5?

Yes, Cake Bash should be fully compatible with next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft. We have no plan to release a ‘Series Enhanced’ or ‘PS5 Upgrade’ at the moment.

Do you have more mini-games / bashes planned for the future?

Right now we’re focusing on fixing any bugs and addressing any feedback we get from players, but we’ve definitely got some cool ideas for new minigames and bashes in future!

Does Cake Bash have a campaign mode?

We wanted one at the beginning of the project but we had to make decisions on what we thought was more important to the game. Eventually we decided to go for making it focused on multiplayer.

I'm getting the error message CBC00006 when my friend is trying to invite me to a game - what can I do?

This sometimes happens when the time and date of your Switch is off. Go to settings and resync the time to your timezone then try again. That should fix it!

Can I play with others locally on one Switch console?

You can play with up to 4 players on one Switch console. If you connect another controller, there should be a prompt ‘A to Join’ over one of the plates in the Pick-A-Cake menu.

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